Hugo Ridge was established in 2010 by Kristina Ridge after a successful career in interiors and the building industry and now holds a wealth of valuable experience which has led to the formation of Hugo Ridge.

The company has gone from strength to strength in a very short time following the acquisition of the premises in Lower Kingswood for primarily storage space, which has subsequently been used for office space for an ever growing workforce along with the opening of our beautiful showroom and shop in May 2015. This offers clients including Developers, Estate Agents and members of the public the opportunity to call in and discuss their individual requirements whilst we can showcase our services through the facilities we hold. For Clients unable to access our showroom our dedicated, knowledgeable team offer home and on-site consultations so we can cater for all our clients needs.

Due to the popularity shown and growing demand of a spacious facility to showcase the products and furniture that make Hugo Ridge the iconic brand that they are, Hugo Ridge has ventured into Wimbledon Village opening our first shop in June 2016.

At Hugo Ridge we pride ourselves on delivering an exclusive service for each property, creating a solution that’ll change the dynamics of your property to assist with optimising the selling value to favour the correct target audience. Hugo Ridge have a tendency and reputation to uphold with our fast turn around from installation to the selling of the property, which leaves our clients more than satisfied with many returning and recommending our expertise to the public who’re seeking similar results.