Inspiration : Interior Lighting

Lighting Inspiration

Inspiration : Interior Lighting

The Interior Lighting can have a drastic effect on how a room looks. A dark gloomy area can be made into a warm homely room with simple interior lighting changes. Whether it is chandeliers or spot lights, lamps to wall lighting – figuring out what type of interior lighting, light positioning and brightness  is curtail and may all differ depending on other factors such as room size, room colour and light positioning but if right it can add that burst of life needed into a dull room.

Some interior lighting tips we always recommend are to use more subtle, soft lighting in bedrooms – even reading lights fitted into headboards are a fabulous idea as they are bright enough to read by but not bright enough to disturb any sleeping partners. Brighter more intense lighting is required in work areas such as kitchens and study’s and there are many options of ceiling lighting choices available as well as funky and more traditional desk lamps.

Bathrooms need a combination of bright and subtle as this is often both a working room (make up, shaving etc) and a relaxing room for bathing so a great way to overcome this which is relatively cheap and easy is to fit a dimmer switch. This is also great for babies and little ones, when bathing and getting ready for bed a more dimmed room will relax and calm them down ready for bedtime.  We also love Nina Campbell. 


Lamps are an Interior Designers best friend, a way to lighten a room, bring attention to a specific area or piece of furniture or simply used as an accessories they certainly are a handy tool. Coming in an array of shapes sizes and colours lamps can be used in almost any room if any home and usual at a low cost can allow anyone to put a personal touch to a given space. Current 2015 lamp trends include nautical and costal designed lamps using baby blue and cream colours modern industrial look also remains in style for 2015.

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